Aeropress Coffee Maker

Tue, Jan 13, 2015

Aeropress Coffee Makers

Although the manufacturers and fans of the Aeropress Coffee Maker insists that it makes the best tasting coffee and espresso, many purists beg to differ. As a person who is open to different brewing methods, I have found that coffee made by this simple device is strong and concentrated with flavor, and while not truly ‘espresso’, much better than coffee made by drip coffee machines, French presses, and even steam espresso machines.

Perfect Design for Simple Coffee Making

I find it really easy to use this machine: lay a micro-filter in the cap, attach the chamber to the cap, place it over a coffee cup, scoop in coffee grounds, fill in the corresponding amount of hot water, let the mixture of coffee grounds and hot water sit for 10 seconds, insert the plunger and push down very slowly with steady pressure.

Cleaning up after this crude machine is also easy – take apart everything, dump out the puck of coffee grounds and rinse everything clean.

Making your ‘perfect’ cup of Aeropress-brewed coffee takes some experimenting. Use different coffee beans with different amounts of water and steeping time to yield the right taste for you. You can make coffee near as concentrated as real espresso, or as watery as you wish. Add milk for a latte.

Easy on the Stomach

The best part of the Aeropress is that it makes coffee that is low in acidity. If you normally shy away from coffee made with African beans like Ethiopian, Kenyan and Yemeni beans that are high in acidity, now you can make it rich and smooth, and not at all acidic in taste.

Another advantage is that you don’t need an expensive burr grinder to grind your beans. As the grounds will be immersed in water when brewing, irregular size grounds or even coarse grounds are good enough for flavor extracting.

Some people reuse their micro-filters a couple of times before throwing it away and have reported that there is no difference in its consistency or taste. All they do is rinse the filter and air dry it. Personally, I find that icky. If you worry about the environment, get a stainless steel permanent filter for the Aeropress.

Fast But Small Amount Per Brew

One disadvantage of this coffee maker is that it can only yield at most two cups of coffee per brew. Not the right brewer to use if you are entertaining a large party, however you may make more coffee by brewing several times as the Aeropress actually makes coffee faster than any drip coffee maker.

One thing I don’t like about this coffee maker is that it is made from plastic so I don’t use it every day. On the bright side, this is probably travel friendly and you can easily enjoy morning coffee in the hotel room with locally-bought pre-ground roasted coffee beans.

The Aeropress Coffee Maker is a really fun coffee maker to play with to find the right strength, richness and balance of flavors for you. It is really affordable to get and maintain. Replacement parts are inexpensive compared to those of other coffee machines, both automatic and manual.

I’d say go ahead and try it even if you are a coffee snob or someone who’d been drinking from drip coffee makers all their life. Click here for more details: Aeropress Coffee Maker.

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