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Fri, Apr 17, 2015

Best Coffee Makers

Welcome to my Best Coffee Maker & Coffee Maker Reviews page. For some people, the best espresso in the world doesn’t mean a thing, and all they want is a cup of black coffee in the morning and a quick and cheap way to get it.

How to Choose the Best Coffee Makers

There are many ways to brew coffee and one of the most inexpensive and convenient ways is to have a simple drip coffee maker or coffee machine that makes your regular cup of joe. However, if you love coffee and not just drinking it to ‘get a fix’, you may prefer other types of coffee makers. I’m going to review some of the best coffee makers here.

Types Of Coffee Maker

  • Drip Coffee Machine – Provides the most convenient and automated coffee brewing but produces weak coffee. ($15 – $200)
  • French Press – Fast albeit manual brewing produces strong coffee. May not be easy to clean. ($10 – $80)
  • Moka Pot – Simple pot that brews over the fire. Produces something closest to espresso. ($5 – $70)
  • Vacuum Coffee Maker – Ingenious and flashy. Makes clean, tasty coffee. May have high learning curve. ($25 – $300)
  • Single Serve Coffee Machine – Makes coffee by the cup. Some models can brew other beverages. ($10 – $250)

If you’re getting a coffee machine for the office or for the family morning brew, get the drip coffee maker because it makes coffee without needing a lot of your attention. If you hate weak coffee and have time on your hands, definitely choose a moka pot or French press. The French press is more convenient for office use compared to a moka pot. Definitely get a vacuum siphon for fun. To know more about the types of coffee makers, read this. Read my coffee machine reviews below to find your best home coffee maker!

My Coffee Maker Reviews and Top Picks

Drip Coffee Makers

  1. Best Glass Carafe Drip Coffee Machine – The best coffee machine with programmable features that you’ll love at the office.
  2. Best Thermal Carafe Drip Coffee Machine – Thermal carafe keeps your coffee warm without burning it.
  3. Best Automatic Drip Coffee Machine – This coffee machine keeps your coffee warm in an insulated tank and dispenses directly into your cup.

French Presses

  1. Best French Press Coffee Maker – A beauty with brains. Not at all expensive!
  2. Budget French Press Coffee Maker – Good buy for a starter. This is your classic French press.
  3. Popular French Press Coffee Maker – This coffee maker is not only popular, it makes the owner just as popular!

Vacuum Coffee Makers and Siphons

  1. Best Vacuum Coffee Maker – Makes a cuppa fast with low acidity. No more tummy worries.
  2. Best Value Siphon Coffee Maker – It’s beautiful, fun, and makes a great cup of clean tasting coffee.

Moka Pots

  1. Best Moka Pot – Makes really good coffee similar to espresso.

Single Serve Coffee Makers

  1. Best Single Serve Coffee Maker – This single serve coffee maker brews from ground coffee, coffee or tea pods, loose tea and tea bags.

What Determines a Good Coffee Maker

Coffee makers may be very cheap but you’ll want bang for your buck too, so here are a few considerations:

  1. BPA-free plastic parts or no plastic parts
  2. Easily replaceable filters
  3. Makes coffee quickly for mornings
  4. Makes tasty coffee
  5. Easy to operate
  6. Easy to clean
  7. Durable

Although I’m not a fan of regular coffee I have tested every type of coffee maker and tried to understand the connection between using a good coffee maker and making good coffee. The connection is control. The more control you have over the coffee brewing, the better coffee you will get.

I understand though, that sometimes convenience and time-saving are factors that take precedence over coffee quality, which is why many people own more than one type of coffee maker. So which is the best coffee maker for you?

Other Tips and Guides for Coffee Makers

If you want to know how the various types of coffee makers work and how they compare in brewing a cup of regular coffee, read my guide here.

Top Coffee Makers List

  1. Cuisinart DCC-1200 – Your best coffee machine for the office.
  2. Cuisinart DTC-975BKN – One of the best drip coffee makers under $100.
  3. Hamilton Beach 47665 Brew Station Plus – An affordable automatic drip brewer.
  4. SterlingPro Chrome-8 – Classy and top rated coffee maker.
  5. Bodum Brazil – A good value classic piece.
  6. Aeropress – Make coffee brewing fast and simple.
  7. Yama Stovetop Siphon – Charm your guests with this coffee maker.
  8. Bunn MCU – Brew it anyway you want.

All right, I’ll be updating my blog with more coffee maker reviews when I find good models to recommend. Hope you have found your best coffee maker for now. Remember to enjoy the process of coffee making as well as the coffee itself!

Go to my best espresso machine main page if you are looking for an espresso machine.

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