Top 10 Best Selling Espresso Machines on Amazon

Sun, May 4, 2014

Best Espresso Machines, Our Pick

Which espresso machine is selling like hot cakes out there? Upon my investigation, topping the chart on Amazon is DeLonghi EC155! And here are the top ten best selling espresso machines on Amazon, with my notes for each:

  1. DeLonghi EC155 – Best Selling Espresso Machine

    bestselling espresso machine

    DeLonghi EC155

    A pump espresso machine below $100? You’ve got to be kidding. But then again if it does exist, the price itself is a legitimate reason for it to be the No. 1 bestselling espresso machines of all times. Imagine the money saved; if I paid the same amount towards the piggy bank instead of getting a coffee from the shop, I could have bought about ten EC155s a year.This semi automatic espresso machine is not all perfect, but it makes good enough espresso to satiate the average drinker, is easy enough for beginners to operate, and certainly saves you enough money to upgrade to a higher end machine by the time it expires.

    Who would mind to try it out? There’s still free shipping available now: DeLonghi EC155

  2. DeLonghi EC702
    A stainless steel semi automatic for the ordinary people who hasn’t got $500 – $1000 to spend on an espresso machine. If you are looking for value under $200 and a machine that won’t let you down, this is it.
  3. Mr. Coffee ECM160
    I wouldn’t call this an espresso machine. Any steam espresso machine does not deserve that title because none of them makes a proper shot that makes the cut (for me, at least), but if you actually like watered espresso drinks, why not.
  4. Nespresso CitiZ
    An automatic espresso machine that uses Nespresso pods instead of your regular beans, this compact engine with a user-friendly milk frother makes a variety of wonderful-tasting shots and an added value to any office.
  5. Capresso 303.01
    This 4-cup steam espresso maker is just about $20 less than the DeLonghi EC155, and makes strong coffee instead of true espresso shots with crema. I certainly don’t see the point of anyone getting this, unless the convenience of making 4 cups of coffee at once is your priority over taste.
  6. DeLonghi BAR32
    Except for its rounded, retro looks, this DeLonghi espresso machine is similar to the EC155. Amazon sometimes prices this higher than the EC155 though, so the surplus is what you pay for the design.
  7. Breville BES900XL
    This high end espresso machine is not for everyone, especially if not for a beginner or someone who doesn’t know or care about the details of making a perfect shot of espresso. Loaded with a PID, programmable settings, dual boilers and many other advanced commercial-grade features, this beautiful espresso machine can definitely blast you away with the espresso it makes.
  8. Nespresso Pixie
    The Pixie is an even more compact version of the Citiz for really small spaces in the kitchen. The reason that it has such a small footprint is that it doesn’t come with a milk frother, though that can be bought separately.
  9. Mr. Coffee ECMP50
    Another pump espresso machine for less than $100? The espresso maker companies are catching on fast. Mr. Coffee usually makes steam espresso machines, but this attempt at a pump espresso machine seems to bode well with the users, as they praised its ease of use and handy compact size.
  10. Gaggia 14101 Classic
    Forget the cheap 15-bar pump espresso machines; you want something that shows you’re really into espresso making, but $600 doesn’t seem reasonable to you, so a mid range espresso machine like this is perfect! The Gaggia Classic is well-built and makes lovely espressos.

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