Cheap Glass Carafe Coffee Maker – Black & Decker DCM2500

Fri, Nov 28, 2014

Black & Decker Coffee Makers

If you are looking for a glass carafe coffee maker that won’t break the bank, the Black & Decker DCM2500 is the best in its price range without any misses!

User Friendly

If you asked me to describe the coffee maker in one word, it would be ‘EASY’. You can easily pour water into the large hole on top of the water reservoir. Checking the water level is easy too, thanks to the window on both sides of the container. I also love that the controls are easy to understand and use – no fancy functions to confuse you! The filter basket is also easily removed to be cleaned, easy to position back, and uses the common flat bottomed filters.

Since programming is simple to use, users do not even need to read the provided manual. You can program the coffee maker to start on its own. All you need to do is press the “Program” button and set the time. Just make sure you set the time when you first get the coffee maker out of the box.

Makes Good Coffee

Despite being cheap, this coffee maker makes coffee that tastes clean, crisp and smooth. Plus, it is very consistent and the coffee tastes the same every time! It will never let you down. The secret? Unlike those coffee makers that has water entering in a stream into the drip chamber, the system has water entering the drip chamber in a shower.

It is also perfect for a household where everyone drinks coffee. The carafe can fill up to 12 cups of coffee. Fill the water up to the level of water needed to brew the number of cups of coffee you want. Oh, and adjust the amount of coffee grounds used. The carafe has a wide spout which means lesser probability of coffee dripping when pouring so that there will be no stains on that beautiful kitchen worktop.

If you like stronger coffee, I’d recommend using disposable filters instead of reusable ones. It will also produce better coffee! However, if you’re concerned about the environment, the Black & Decker DCM2500 can be used with a permanent filter. However, you will need to put some effort into cleaning the permanent filter since perforations are on the sides only.

I did mention that this coffee maker makes great coffee. However, if you like your coffee smoking hot, this may not be the coffee maker for you. The coffee maker is made for people on the go, so it produces warm coffee that will not burn your tongue.

Leakage and Rust

A lot of users complained that the point where the glass meets the plastic lid is a bit fragile. Some of the units’ spring popped out and cause the coffee maker to leak. Now, if your unit has this problem, the warming plate will rust. A damp carafe will also cause this in due time. To protect the warming plate from rusting, coat it with BBQ paint. If you already have this problem, sand off the rust from the base of the plate and paint it with BBQ paint for protection. The BBQ paint typically lasts for a few years before you need to go over the regime again.

The Black & Decker DCM2500 gained marks because it makes good coffee and it is easy to use. It might not be the most durable coffee maker around, but it’s cheap. There are more types of coffee makers and top coffee maker recommendations here.

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