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Tue, Jan 13, 2015

Bodum Coffee Makers

You would perhaps have heard of the Bodum Brazil. This is the classic French press, with a design created in the 1980s that is simple and practical. This is also the recommended French press if you’re looking for an affordable one to try French press coffee for the first time.

It features a glass beaker, a plastic casing (base and handle) and lid, and a metal plunger with a double-meshed filter attached to it. Unless you are clumsy with the glass beaker, it will last for a long time.

Good Coffee At a Low Price

I have been giving away different French presses last Christmas so that I could get a free review. The Bodum Brazil made coffee that has body, with a subtle hint of bitterness (We probably left it steeping for too long).

The dome lid helped in retaining the aroma of the coffee, so when you pour your coffee you will get that fresh, cosy aroma. I realized that this French press can make some pretty premium-tasting coffee compared to drip coffee makers, even when the beans used were not premium ones.

This 34 oz. (I’d fill only 32 ounces of water) French press works not only for hot coffee but also cold-brewed ones (I’m really not a fan), and of course, you may use it to brew tea.

Needs a Better Mesh Filter

While it worked great, it did have some minor issues with it. Firstly, the glass beaker does not retain heat for a prolonged period of time, 2 hours tops. If you take time to finish a full beaker, the last cup would usually be at room temperature. The good news is that you can reheat your coffee by putting the glass beaker in the microwave.

The second biggest gripe was having coffee grounds in the coffee all the time as the mesh filter does not trap all of it. I would let the grounds settle at the bottom of the coffee mug before drinking.

As coffee grounds tend to get stuck between the mesh filter, cleaning the French press would become a huge chore. However, you may use coarser grounds so that they stick less to the mesh, and after that put the filter under running water to loosen any trapped grounds.

Remember not to use boiling water or metal spoons with the French press as that could break the glass. The plastic casing is heat resistant so you won’t have to worry about distortion issues. Although Bodum stated that the glass beaker is dishwasher-safe, it is best to handwash.

You can get the Bodum Brazil French Press for less than $25 and it comes in three different colors. Its practical design, durability and reasonable price make it a great buy if you could overlook its minor flaws. Click here for more details: Bodum Brazil French Press.

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