Bosch TCA6301UC Benvenuto B30 Thermoblock

Thu, Mar 14, 2013

Bosch Espresso Machines

Do you know what it means to wake up in the morning, find your barista ready in your kitchen, tell him exactly what you want, then in two minutes just sit down and enjoy a cup of great coffee? Do you love drinking coffee, but couldn’t be bothered to do the grinding, tamping and brewing? If you answered yes to both questions, then you’ve got to have the Bosch Benvenuto B30.

Bosch TCA6301UC Benvenuto B30 Thermoblock

Bosch TCA6301UC Benvenuto B30 Thermoblock

When I married my wife, a close friend gave us this Bosch Benvenuto. It is so easy to use; anyone can use it to make great espresso!

Personal Barista In Your Kitchen

It has an automatic timer function, so I preset it to turn on just before I wake up. When I want my coffee, it’s ready for my instructions, just like my personal barista.

I take my cup which is kept warm on the top of the machine, put it under the spout. Then I choose the size I want by flipping the switch, and it starts measuring and grinding the beans when I push the button. In less than two minutes, my coffee is ready!

You don’t even have to worry about the height of the spouts when you choose a different size coffee, because they are adjustable. How cool is that? Sometimes when I need a super large mug, I just hold the mug to the spouts from the side, without having to remove the tray beneath.

Please Everyone in the Family

Everything about this espresso machine is intelligent. When it’s time to add water, empty the grounds tray, change the filter or clean the machine, it tells you so. Then you just do whatever it says. Cleaning is very easy too, just put a cleaning tablet and run the cleaning cycle by pushing a button!

The Bosch Benvenuto is especially wonderful for families who love coffee. Besides having every size from small espresso shots to XXL coffee mugs, you can choose the coffee strength from mild to extra strong. You can also put pre-ground coffee in another container. In short, it can satisfy everyone!

The only thing is, you have to add water often if you brew a lot of coffee, of course. I didn’t mind that because I want fresh distilled water for my coffee every time.

“It’s been 15 months and 2,699 “brews” since we bought it. STILL works flawlessly…we’ve saved $3,373 by not going to Starbucks.”

    – Bill Timmons, reviewer at

If you can’t wait to get the Bosch Benvenuto, click here to go to the Amazon page.

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