Bunn MCU Single Serve Coffee Maker

Wed, Jan 28, 2015

Bunn Coffee Makers

I have been admiring the 6-month old Bunn MCU Single Serve Coffee Maker in our office pantry. If you are looking for one simple machine that will brew anything in a cup, this is definitely one of the best single serve brewers you can find.

Not many people would immediately be attracted to this matte-finished coffee maker until they see its unique feature – a set of four detachable brewing heads, the cup drawer, pod drawer, ground coffee drawer and hot water drawer. This is very convenient in the office when everyone prefers their own individual brewing methods.

Brew Anything, Anyway You Like
While one colleague likes brewing the morning coffee using ground coffee because it gives bolder and richer flavors, another may prefer using coffee capsules because it is less messy and they are usually consistent in taste. Both of them are able to use this coffee maker to brew coffee the way they like!

Even if you are just using this at home, on one day you might like premium K-cups beverages, and on another maybe budget friendly ground coffee is your choice. You can also brew tea with this machine using tea leaves, tea bags or tea pods.

In addition to this flexibility, you are also able to control the caffeine content in your coffee or tea with the ‘Brew’ and ‘Pulse’ buttons on the machine. For normal strength coffee or if you need it fast, choose the ‘Brew’ function – the whole process is fast and it only takes about 15 to 20 seconds to complete.

Control the Caffeine
However, if you need a stronger jolt in the morning, go for ‘Pulse’. The stream of hot water is released more slowly to infuse the coffee better, creating a richer and stronger brew (as strong as drip coffee makers can make, but certainly not as strong as coffee from aeropresses and french presses, and way behind the quality of moka pot coffee).

With regard to the performance and practicality there is little to complain about the BUNN MCU. For a small machine, it runs on the noisy side which annoys my colleague who sits closest to the pantry, so much that she circulated an email asking us to close the door whenever we want to use the machine.

No painstaking measures are needed to maintain the machine. After each use, just make sure to clean the brew head immediately. You can just pop the head in the dishwasher along with the drip tray if you find it too much trouble to wash it with soap and water.

Simply wipe down the machine if you want to avoid permanent splatter stain. Bunn recommends running diluted vinegar through the machine every quarter to flush out accumulated sediments and keep your MCU working at its best.

Despite its less attractive exterior, the Bunn MCU Single Serve Brewer is really a reliable workhorse and is one of the best single serve coffee machines available in the market. The price may not be ideal for most, I recommend only to buy this if you intend to put more than one of the brew heads to use, but it is really a great purchase if you decide to because the durable built, flexibility as well as a longer-than-average warranty period gives you a lot of bang for the buck!

Get the Bunn MCU Single Serve Brewer at the best price here or go back to my Coffee Maker Reviews page.

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