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Fri, Feb 21, 2014

Coffee Grinders

The day I joined the club and bought this $350 coffee grinder was not long after I bought my first serious espresso machine, when it finally dawned on me that I would be wasting hundreds of dollars on an espresso machine if I didn’t have a good grinder that will make fine espresso grounds.

Make Even Better Espresso

I knew I had it right when I found the perfect grind setting on Rancilio Rocky for my espresso. The espresso came out even richer and fuller than I ever tasted before when I used previous grinders. The low speed grinding made the grounds smell better, not bitter.

The Rocky is a conical burr grinder, the best kind of coffee grinder you can get to have consistently fine and evenly ground beans. I had a blade grinder and a cheaper burr grinder, but the quality (of both grinder and grind) is simply not the same.

Compact and Solid

This coffee grinder is tall but compact, and built to be very solid. As it is solid, it works quietly compared to other grinders. I don’t have to pause in mid-conversation while waiting for it to grind! This is not a big deal but small things do matter.

I chose the doserless model even though Rocky has one with a doser, because fresh grounds for every shot makes the espresso even better. I grind directly into my portafilter, which is placed on the metal hoop under the chute. This hoop can be pulled out easily if I wanted to grind into another container or bag.

Easy to Use With Little Maintenance

The grind settings are easy to adjust and while it is a stepped adjustment, there are so many steps that you’d wonder if one grind size can actually be differentiated from another. Some people like a dial that you can turn freely, but I prefer a stepped adjustment because I can note down the correct settings for different beans instead of marking it on the grinder.

Grinding is as simple as pressing a switch in front and releasing it to stop. The best thing about Rocky is that I don’t have to clean it even after plenty of uses. The grounds fall down the chute as quickly as they appear in the burrs, and any remaining grounds can be tapped out.

If you use oily roasts or flavored coffee beans, you might want to open up Rocky and clean it more often than if you use dry beans, to avoid clogging. That will need some work because everything is screwed together for high quality and performance in this grinder.

Serious about the taste of your espresso? You should buy the Rancilio Rocky then, even if your espresso machine costs less than this grinder. That’s because how great an espresso turns out depends on the size and evenness of the grounds FIRST, before your espresso machine can do anything about it.

Go ahead and impress your other half with the wonderful change in the espresso, before you tell her/him how much you paid for it. Get free shipping here: Rancilio Rocky Coffee Grinder

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