The Espresso Machine with Dual Boilers

Sun, May 4, 2014


Some time ago espresso machines with dual boilers only appeared in commercial settings, so I was pretty surprised to see that now even home users are willing to spend over $1000 for a machine that gets their espresso ‘right’.

Exactly what is all the fuss about having one extra boiler for the espresso machine?

Well, the main purpose of having two boilers is to brew and steam at the same time, because it takes time for one boiler to shift from brewing to steaming. Dual boilers mean that one is used to brew while the other to steam, so you save considerable time and serve up quickly.

A dual boiler espresso machine also yields a more stable temperature for the brewing, and this is important to get the perfect taste again and again. That is why good coffee chains use machines with two boilers; for the efficiency and uniformity in taste.

Here’s a dual boiler espresso machine great for both commercial and home use.

Breville BES900XL

Breville BES900XL

Breville BES900XL

If you know exactly what you are doing with your espresso machine, the beans, the temperature, the tamp and even the time of brewing, then this is the perfect machine that you will love.

Total Control

Whoever designed this espresso machine knew exactly what he’s doing and made the most of it by adding a PID and temperature display. Not only can you control the temperature, you also have the best over brewing time and pressure with the shot clock and gauge.

In other words, with this espresso machine you have total control over what comes out into the cup. Even so, don’t panic if you are not so professional in espresso making. There are programmed settings for you to use when you’re not up to fine-tuning everything.

With this espresso machine you only need the perfect grinder to go with it. Many users recommended the Breville BCG800XL, a conical burr grinder that has enough grind settings to please everyone.

Check out this espresso machine and its glowing reviews: Breville BES900XL

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