Hamilton Beach 47665 Brew Station Plus – Best Automatic Drip Coffee Maker

Fri, Nov 28, 2014

Hamilton Beach Coffee Makers

Love waking up to the smell of invigorating coffee wafting through the house in the mornings but hate carafes that spill and drip? The Hamilton Beach Brew Station is a very convenient automatic drip coffee maker that does not have a carafe attached to it. Instead, it has an insulated coffee tank which retains the brew temperature that keeps coffee warm and delicious until served.

No Carafe, No Mess

No carafe that can result in spills and drips that will stain the table cloth or kitchen top. With this coffee maker, your mug-full of coffee is dispensed straight from the coffee maker itself. Your wife will be quite happy that she doesn’t have the extra mess to clean up after serving everyone’s morning coffee around the kitchen. Another of the pluses of this feature is that you can virtually dispense any amount of coffee into your mug – regardless of its size!

Having coffee insulated inside its body also means that your coffee will not be over roasted which often leave you with a burnt and bitter drink. Your coffee will stay warm until you dispense it from the enclosed tank, without compromising the freshness and taste.

The coffee made with this coffee maker is not one of the strongest with coffee makers. However, its mild taste and intensity is perfect when you are actually sharing it with a lot of people – so it is not too weak for those who like it strong and not too strong for those who prefer a more ‘mellow’ taste.

Faulty Units?

Some users say that they have received units with minor faults. The major defect is a leaky water tank and the other complain is a plasticky taste in the coffee despite the fact that they have run 2 cycles of water through it. They also complained that the water has a film of oil even after a few cycles.

Tips and Tricks

Here’s one way for you to avoid a messy wet mess in your kitchen. Before you use the Hamilton Beach 47665, check to see if all the screws are tightened properly, especially the ones around the heating plate where it is screwed to the bottom of the water tank. A word of caution: try not to strip the hole when you are tightening the screws. That will probably cause a new set of mishaps.

Then, run the recommended 2 cycles of water and 2 more cycles with white vinegar. Then run a few more cycles so that our coffee will not taste vinegarish (eeeww!). Alternatively, you can use tea!

Aside the faults, the Hamilton Beach 47665 Brew Station is still a great coffee maker to own because it is inexpensive and convenient. There are more coffee maker reviews here so remember to check them out.

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