Kalorik EXP 25022 800W 4-Cup Espresso Maker

Mon, Mar 11, 2013

Kalorik Espresso Machines

I bought this steam driven espresso machine for my mum earlier, who is not really a coffee enthusiast, but likes to drink a cup or two sometimes.

I myself wouldn’t have bought steam driven machines, since they never bring out the essence of espressos, but as far as steam driven machines go, this Kalorik EXP25022 makes coffee with the smoothest flavor.

Kalorik EXP 25022 800W 4-Cup Espresso Maker – Best Steam Driven Espresso Machine

Kalorik EXP 25022 800W 4-Cup Espresso Maker – Best Steam Driven Espresso Machine

Cheap and Easy To Use
For me, the best thing about steam driven espresso machines is that they are very cheap, of course. Can you imagine having a machine that makes “ok” coffee for ten to twenty times less than the high end espresso machines out there?

That just about satisfies my mum’s need for coffee. If she knew I spent $899 on my Rancilio Silvia, I can picture her face before she shrieks the number in a high-pitched voice. But this machine is just below $50!

Since she didn’t care about being a barista anyway, this easy to use machine suits her well. She just had to select espresso, steam or off with the simple function switch.

Kalorik EXP25022 is quite a small and lightweight machine that can make up to 4 cups of espresso. My mum always gets excited about the swivel steam nozzle that tops her cappuccino with froth. She says that makes it look restaurant-served.

Overall this espresso machine is a simple and affordable coffee maker that can make something close to authentic espresso.

A good place to get this Kalorik EXP25022 is at Amazon.com, where they are offering a 17% discount and FREE shipping at this moment. Check it out here:

For real espressos and great fun making them, get a semi automatic espresso machine instead! The best one is my favorite Rancilio Silvia, while the budget one is DeLonghi EC155.

Read more reviews, recommendations and espresso machine tips in my best espresso machine site.

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