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Tue, Jan 13, 2015

Kona Coffee Makers

The Kona French Press is a great gift for yourself or a friend. To summarize the French press in one word, it’s ‘EASY’. It is easy to brew your drink. The handle is cleverly designed for easy, free-flowing pour. More importantly, it is easy to clean because each components are dishwasher-friendly and can be separated for washing.

What first attracted me to get this French press for my colleague is its looks. She has a lot of artsy pieces in her cubicle so I knew she would like this little beauty. It has definitely been a conversational piece whenever people see her with it around the office. She had even brought it with her on her first yoga retreat because she said she needed help in striking conversation with people she does not know!

Better Coffee Than Drip Brewed

Being someone crazed for caffeine, she had immediately made a mug of coffee to try out the French press. It worked really well in extracting the flavors from ground coffee that would otherwise be lost to the paper filter if a drip coffee maker were used. The strength of the coffee is certainly intensified!

The stainless steel infuser filter works really well to separate the grounds from the coffee, so you won’t be drinking grounds, but my colleague advised that you should let the coffee sit for a while and pour slowly to avoid the muddy sludge at the bottom.

As no plastic parts get in contact with the coffee, there is no plasticky taste like you would have when drinking from some plastic tumblers.

Solid Parts That Last

The French press has a solid and sturdy outer shell so that you can transport it from the pantry to your cubicle safely. The extra thick borosilicate glass carafe is thermal-shock resistant, so the carafe will not easily chip or crack when bumped unintentionally.

After a few months my colleague’s French press has held up pretty well, considering she is not someone who is ‘delicate’ with her possessions. Most of her mugs are chipped within the first few uses but, the French press has survived.

Other than being durable, it is light enough to bring with you on your camping trips. Like all French presses, the Kona may be used to make tea as well. It also comes with a spoon and a measuring cup, so that your brews are more accurate so the taste of your drink will be consistent.

One of the few things I look for when getting a French press is its ability to retain heat. Heat does dissipate from the Kona much slower than some other French presses, but it does not last long. Once your drink loses its warmth, do not reheat the carafe directly on the stove or microwave. You can however, do a hot water bath to reheat your drink.

For a French press that is durable and really simple to use, go for the Kona French Press. The small price for this little device will definitely pay off the moment you sip your cup of coffee or tea and find that it has fuller body than what you normally drink from drip coffee brewers. For the specifications and more information about the Kona, click here: Kona French Press.

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