Nespresso Inissia

Tue, Jan 27, 2015

Nespresso Espresso Machines

When you’re hanging out there on a thinly-stretched budget and still need a quick espresso shot every morning, what do you do? Get the Nespresso Inissia automatic espresso machine while it’s under $100, of course.

Nespresso Inissia

Who says you can’t get a good pump espresso machine under $100? Nespresso Inissia has a great 19-bar pump pressure (15-bar is the minimum pressure needed for an espresso maker to make true espresso) that promises optimum extraction of flavor from espresso grounds, though in this case you’ll be using pods from Nespresso.

As Easy as 1-2-3
While I can’t say Nespresso has the best espresso to offer (each to his own taste and I really prefer freshly ground beans), I do appreciate the convenience of grabbing a fast drink once in a while. With a Nespresso machine you don’t have to grind, tamp or measure anything, and the only thing you have to clean is your cup.

How convenient is this thing, you say? Well, you turn it on in the morning, place the cup, insert your choice of pod and select the correct size. That’s all you need to do to get a steaming cup of espresso! People who’re really particular about coffee temperature like me will flush the cup with hot water to warm it first.

Yes, you do have to clean the machine once in a while, but that’s just as simple as running a blank shot. There’s not even a need to descale the machine! This is why the very affordable Inissia is also great as a second espresso machine. I actually know people who bring this machine along for their summer stays.

For the environment-conscious you don’t have to worry about contributing to the landfill as Nespresso makes fully recyclable pods. The pods or capsules are widely available and there are plenty of flavors to try out. The price for the capsules may vary greatly though, so shop around before you buy. The Inissia holds up to 11 used capsules before you have to empty the container.

Good Value for $100
The Inissia is a budget espresso machine so don’t expect it to have a high quality build or classy look. It’s just a simple machine with plastic housing. It’s not as quiet as the other Nespresso machines either, but then this doesn’t cost you above $200.

The compact footprint gives you the flexibility of placing the Inissia anywhere. I love how you can put this little espresso machine out for display, or wedge it in that small space left on the counter top. The water tank may be small but it’s transparent so there’s no missing a refill.

For a budget automatic espresso machine, the Inissia gives a lot of value in terms of convenience and coffee quality. Espresso lovers with a restricted budget, this is the chance you were looking for. If you want to make espresso drinks like latte and cappuccino, milk frothers are available from $10 (I recommend spending a bit more and get a mug frother that also heats the milk for you and makes much denser and creamier froth).

I bet you can’t wait to start making espressos with this little machine so here’s the link to Amazon: Nespresso Inissia. If you don’t mind spending more for a better build, go for the Nespresso Pixie which is built like a tank.

For more about different types of espresso machines you may want to visit my Best Espresso Machine main page.

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