Tassimo Coffee Maker

Thu, Jan 2, 2014

Tassimo Coffee Makers

How would I describe the Tassimo coffee maker? It is an intelligent single-serve brewer that makes any of your favorite hot beverages just the way they are supposed to be. Do you like espresso, cappuccino, latte, tea or even chocolate? The Tassimo can make them all; one cup per brew.

If you fall into one of these categories, then the Tassimo coffee maker is just what you need:

  • You like to have something different to go with breakfast each time;
  • Members of your family have different preferences in hot drinks;
  • You want something better than a one-taste-fits-everyone coffee brewer in the office;
  • You want to serve your customers their preferred drink within seconds;
  • You are not particular about drinking real espresso (for that you must get an espresso machine, not a coffee maker).

Tassimo Coffee Maker: How it Works

The Tassimo coffee maker brews your choice drink by using Tassimo discs or T-discs. They are not simply Tassimo coffee discs, but a variety of beverage types from brands like Maxwell House and Starbucks. The discs contain not just the ingredients for your drink, but also a barcode that the Tassimo coffee maker scans to determine the correct method for brewing your drink.

It sounds all rather high tech and exciting, but basically it means that Tassimo coffee maker is smart enough to make a latte that tastes differently from a cappuccino.

Cleaning up is as easy as running the coffee maker with a cleaning T-disc that is included. For chocolate drink lovers, you will have to wipe the barcode scanner clean after each use because chocolate sticks.

Tassimo Coffee Maker Compared

As a single serve coffee maker, the Tassimo coffee maker is often compared to the other prominent brand Keurig.

Keurig uses their own patented K-cups, which admittedly have a larger range of flavors to choose from and higher accessibility at local stores.

Tassimo wins when it comes to quality and taste of the brew, especially for latte and cappuccino lovers, since the Tassimo coffee maker makes real frothed milk instead of using milk powder like Keurig. Tassimo also heats up and brews faster, with less noise in the operation.

Tassimo Coffee Maker Reviews

Here is the range of Tassimo coffee makers available, with my notes on each model.

Tassimo T65

The latest model of the Tassimo coffee maker has all the best features including a multilingual LCD display and cup stand light. When it is not in use, the coffee maker goes into stand-by mode in which little energy is used but heats up within seconds as soon as you want to make another drink.

Read more about the Tassimo T65 here.

Tassimo T10

This is the basic Tassimo coffee maker at a very affordable price. What I like about it is that it has the largest water tank among all the Tassimo coffee makers, meaning fewer refills. Although the plastic housing is not as attractive as some people would like it, this is not a big downside.

Click here to get the best price for this coffee maker: Tassimo T10

Tassimo T20

This model is slightly better-looking than the T10, more compact but comes with a smaller water tank. You can get different color kits to spice up the appearance and match with your kitchen décor. The color kits are available in red, green, brown and blue.

Tassimo T45

The improved Tassimo coffee maker with LCD display, stainless steel cup stand and chrome finished buttons. This is certainly a beautiful coffee maker to have in any kitchen or lounge. The quiet brewing also adds to the image of a professional coffee maker!

A Tassimo coffee maker is not just a coffee maker, it is practically a whole coffee shop in one appliance (perhaps minus your favorite waitress) and it is the best coffee maker if you’re talking single serve quality brew. Get your Tassimo coffee maker now and prove that for yourself!

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