Tassimo T65

Thu, Jan 2, 2014

Tassimo Coffee Makers

Whether you live alone or have a family, a single serve coffee maker that also makes many other kinds of hot beverages is a good idea. You may like coffee and your wife likes tea, or the kids would only drink chocolate; it doesn’t matter because the Tassimo coffee maker serves everyone a cup of anything they choose.

Tassimo T65 is a smart coffee maker that reads the barcode of the disc you put in it, decides the amount of water and the correct temperature needed, and then makes you the drink exactly as it should be, so that latte tastes like latte, and tea does not have a hint of the coffee that was made before it.

Tasty Drinks Within Seconds

If you are familiar with Keurig, then I should tell you that the Tassimo makes a much better tasting drink than the Keurig does. It probably has more to do with the design and programming than the ingredients of the beverage, but the Tassimo also uses real milk compared to Keurig which uses milk powder.

Although Tassimo has fewer choices of flavors, it is still coming out with new flavors and the discs are becoming more accessible at local stores by the day. Incidentally, the T discs are available for order online. One drink costs about the same as it would at a coffee shop, and if you register your Tassimo coffee maker online you’ll get two complimentary packs of T discs.

Tassimo T65 heats up within seconds, works easily and quietly, and is simple to clean by running an included cleaning disc which is stored at the back of the machine.

This is a great coffee maker to have if you don’t want a regular coffee maker that brews a whole pot. It’s excellent to be able to make any drink whenever guests drop in, and even better when you realize there’s no mess to clean up afterwards.

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